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Mike McDonnell
Vice President
Tamarron Consulting
1819 Denver West Drive, Suite 265
Lakewood, CO 80401
Mike has 10+ years experience in the alcohol beverage industry with Tamarron.  Mike brings experience in business development, project management and financial analysis.  Mike works closely with Tamarron's consultant team on our Performance Surveys and Developing/Measuring Performance Standards lines of business.  Specifically, Mike is responsible for all Retail Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction surveys, and is closely involved in the production of Tamarron’s Malt Beverage Supplier Performance Survey.  He also has extensive experience in the spirits industry through his work on various projects involving developing and measuring supplier and distributor execution standards.
Mike received an MBA and MSF from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business in March 2003. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Emory University.