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John Xenos
General Manager
Monarch Beverage Company
9347 West Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, IN 46236
John is the General Manager of the Monarch Beverage Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He gets involved in all areas of the company, with special focus on the sales, operations, maintenance and security departments.  John currently serves on the following National Advisory Councils: Guinness, Heineken, New Belgium, Tamarron and a Regional Council for the Boston Beer Company.
Prior to joining Monarch Beverage Company in 1991, John worked for Atomic Distributing Company in Huntington, West Virginia from 1980-1984.  There he worked as a salesman in the Wine Division for eighteen months and as the Wine Division Sales Manager for two and a half years.  Hired by the Gallo Winery in 1984, John moved to Detroit, Michigan and assisted the J. Lewis Company as an Area Manager, at the Wineries request, from 1984 through 1986.  From there, his next assignment was college recruiting and training for Gallo in the Midwest in 1987 and 1988.  In addition, John headed the West Virginia State Managers job through 1991.  Gallo then brought him to Indianapolis in 1992 to run Monarchs Wine Division for two years.  His responsibilities included hiring, training, and developing sales representatives, sales management, and key account selling.  Gallo then promoted John to a Division Manager position overseeing Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.  His responsibilities included field sales and training, distribution and key account relations and category and trade marketing.  John then rejoined the Monarch Beverage Company in 1996 as the General Manager and remains with the company today. 
John grew up in Huntington, West Virginia with a younger brother, Michael, and an older sister, Stephanie.  He graduated from Marshall University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management.  In his spare time, John enjoys exercising at the Health-Plex Sports Complex where he also serves as the President of the Members Advisory Council.